Northampton Patient Engagement Group

The Northampton Patient Engagement Group (NPEG) is a collective of representatives from a number of our member GP practices’ Patient Participation Groups (PPG).

The purpose of the Northampton Patient Engagement Group is to provide a collective mechanism for engagement between patients in the Northampton Locality and stakeholders. The group will act as a planning tool, to help the Locality Board and Patient Congress to make decisions about the services they commission, and ensure that these services meet the health needs of the locality population they serve.

The Northampton Patient Engagement Group will endeavor to ensure that these services are:

1) High quality
2) Affordable
3) Value for money
4) Patient focused
5) Equitable.

The Northampton Patient Engagement Group will aim to:

i. Involve the public in the planning and development of services.

ii. Have comprehensive and appropriate engagement with patients, carers and the public in their commissioning decisions and the development of care for the Locality.

iii. Have due regard to the findings from Healthwatch, General Practice Alliance, First for Well-being and any other similar organisations.

iv. Act with a view to secure the involvement of the patients in decisions about their care.