We work across Northampton in sustainable Primary Care, education and training, and research and development.

New Models of Care

What is the problem we are trying to fix?

Primary Care continues to be the foundation on which healthcare has been provided since the inception of the NHS in 1948. We know that high-quality primary and community services is the key that unlocks the potential for preventative, proactive management of patients, reducing the need for acute and bed-based care, and addressing many of the health inequalities that exist across our population. However, there are significant challenges being faced by Primary Care and General Practice in particular. The growing workload and need to manage increasing numbers of patients with multiple and complex health needs, coupled with the uncertainty of future workforce, means we need to radically rethink the model of General Practice if we are to make it sustainable beyond the current decade. For further information on the General Practice Five-Year Forward View, click the link NHS England.


Enables practices to work collectively and collaborate to provide 'at scale' services to increase accessibility for same day appointments. Being members of the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) GPA is able to support practices with the sharing of information and examples of what has and hasn't worked around the country.

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Collaborative Care Team (CCT)

Delivered directly through General Practice Alliance, the service pro-actively manages the top 20% of patients at risk of A&E admissions, to drive down costs to the NHS and manage complex patients safely in the community.

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Care Homes

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As part of the joint venture with NHFT and in partnership with Northampton Borough Council, Public Health England and the University of Northampton we are developing resources and courses for application to promote well-being using Action for Happiness 10 Keys to happier living (GREAT DREAM) framework in the workplace and patient pathways.
These courses and resources will improve personal well-being, resilience in the workplace and improve social prescribing and support patient self-management plans, reducing demand in Primary Care.

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Education & Training

Students of today become our future workforce so the delivery of high-quality education and placements results in employers having staff who are ready to deliver the job and types of services needed for patients.

We as employers have a great role to play to ensure that the people coming into the health service, through the education system are equipped to provide excellent patient care. Continued investment in the workforce to keep them skilled, confident and flexible is also crucial to the provision of quality health services. 


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Suicide Mitigation

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Research & Development

Have a look and see which research projects we are currently working on with our practices. We use research projects to bring in additional funding to Primary Care.


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Workforce Development

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