Diabetes training for GPA practices

Northampton Medical Academy

Northampton Medical Academy

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Suicide Mitigation Training

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Diabetes Roadshow

GPA director Dr Azhar Zafar offers the Diabetes Roadshow to all member practices in Northampton, a great opportunity to up-skill practice clinicians.

Titles include:

1) Monitoring Diabetes Control and HbA1c

2) Food on Food in T2D

3) Practical Use of Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents

4) Insulin for the treatment of T2D

5) Complications of T2D

6) Available GLP1 agonist therapies

7) Trulicity - guidelines, evidence and case studies

8) Oral Therapies for T2D

9) Renal and Hepatic Considerations in T2D

10) Promoting effective change in T2D

11) Trulicity, designed with the patient in mind.

12) Ramadan and diabetes –Delivered at Weston Favell organised by Dr R Jameel



Diabetes TOPICAL programme

The TOPICAL (Treatment of Patients, Individualised Care Locally) programme is a three-day event for GPs, practice and community nurses aimed at covering key topics of diabetes to improve knowledge and skills relating to the diagnosis and management of type 2 diabetes.

 To meet the requirements of the accreditation, participants are required to:

1)   Complete 2 pre course assessments 

2)   Bring a fictional case study each day, illustrating the application of knowledge and skills relating to that days topic. Further information is provided in the agenda.

 The course is accredited for 21 hours by RCGP and RCN.