Research and Development

Developing a hub and spoke medical research network across the federation and installing research as a leading area within our board structure, Dr Azhar Zafar is GPA Director and Principal Investigator for Medical research in the federation.

Dr Azhar led his practice to become one of the very few primary care centres in the county to be accredited as a research hub; active in commercial and non-commercial portfolio studies, teaching and training practice. Incorporating research, teaching, and training as one of the core strategies for overall service development enabled him to turn around the practice.

- Successful deployment of GENVASC research study. This has increased practice income and members have the opportunity to earn an extra £16 at the point of delivering an NHS Health Check. This has also helped to increase NHS Health Check uptake in our area.


GPA has been given the opportunity to take part in the GENVASC study, which is delivered at the point of completing NHS Health Checks and generates an additional £16.00 per completed GENVASC participant for practices. 

The aim of the GENVASC Study is to try and improve our ability to identify individuals who are at increased risk of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

The large number of subjects that will be assessed in a systematic manner for cardiovascular risk and who will all have blood samples routinely collected
provides an ideal scenario to add to a research project at marginal cost and effort to practices, that can help determine whether inclusion of genetic information and will be useful in predicting CAD risk in clinical practice.
The aim of the study is to recruit in excess of 30,000 participants by March 2022.

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