Workforce Development

Northamptonshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) aims to ensure the local population has access to excellent care in General Practice.

In order to achieve this GPA has set out an ambitious programme of work to ensure that we can deliver a sustainable workforce for the future. 

Progress ...

NHSE Clinical Pharmacist Program

General Practice Alliance has been successful in its application to NHS England for Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice. This means that member practices will have the opportunity to employ a part-funded Clinical Pharmacist by NHS England.

This new and innovative role will provide additional support in meeting the needs of our patients and, enable our member practices the opportunity to employ Practice-based Clinical Pharmacists to work across Primary Care Hubs in Northampton.

What does a Clinical Pharmacist in a GP surgery do?

Clinical Pharmacists are experts in medication and have undertaken many years of training to develop an in depth knowledge about how medicines work and their side effects. Many can also prescribe medication for you.

Clinical Pharmacists will be able to discuss your medication with you and answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. They will also review your medication and carry out health checks, such as taking your blood pressure, if needed. During the review, they will establish if your medicines are the best ones for you and may suggest changes to help you get the maximum benefit from your regimen. This review may be carried out as part of your routine condition monitoring if you experience a change in your condition or following a stay in the hospital. Clinical Pharmacists will also advise on other ways to help your condition such as lifestyle changes.

If you are suffering from a minor illness such as a urine or chest infection, it may be that you can see the Clinical Pharmacist rather than the GP for an assessment and appropriate treatment.

Check your surgery’s website for further information on what the Clinical Pharmacists do there.  

Clinical Pharmacists with GPA

GPA has recruited two Senior Clinical Pharmacists to support the introduction of Clinical Pharmacists to the Primary Care Hubs.

Emma started her career as a Hospital Pharmacist before joining Nene Clinical Commissioning Group as a Prescribing Adviser to local GPs, Emma still works for Nene CCG two days per week as well as working as a Clinical Pharmacist at Kings Heath Healthcare Centre.

Louise has a background in hospital pharmacy and has been working within GP surgeries for two years. She also works for the Centre for Postgraduate Pharmacy Education providing training for GP Clinical Pharmacists across Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire. Louise splits her time with GPA between Abington GP Group and the Collaborative Care Team.  


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