Dr Smart is also working on Suicide Mitigation training with member practices. This links in with GP Surgeries being able to spot signs of suicide and depression
using a tool on GP systems.

The Depression Pathway aims to:

  • Alleviate or remove the symptoms of depression
  • Build personal resilience in Northamptonshire people
  • Promote Happy workplace where people are supported and enabled to return to work
  • Reduce suicide in Northamptonshire
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Dr David Smart, GPA director and lead in Mental Health created the Depression Pathway and explains the primary outcomes of the pathway below:

  • Identify depression quickly and accurately
  • To provide safe and effective treatment appropriate to the individual that support choice, hope and opportunity to enable them to have control over their recovery.
  • To co-produce with people who have lived experience how best to develop and promote the pathway.
  • To promote physical health/holistic care of people with depression.
  • To involve carers/friends and family and workplace how best to support peoples recovery.

Suicide Mitigation Training

Connecting with People: Suicide Mitigation Response 1 training for member practices and clinical staff.

Why come?

  • You will receive evidence-based training in an area that will support your clinical practice
  • The training will help with your referrals to the crisis team
  • The SystmOne tool helps you develop a safety plan with the patient, there is evidence these can save lives
  • You will sleep better knowing you have carried out and recorded an appropriate assessment
  • Suicide is the commonest cause of death in young people and in men up to the age of 45

To find out when the next event is, or to book: Contact Jack Croucher

Email: info.gpalliance@nhs.net

More information: Dr David Smart

Email: david.smart@nhs.net

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