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GP owned and GP led, General Practice Alliance (GPA) is the collaboration and linking of GP’s in Northampton to preserve, sustain and develop the local health economy. We aim to support the interests of our member Practices in Northampton, as well as ensuring patients get the best possible care equitably in the town. One of our main goals as an organisation is to promote self-management and find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the NHS. We hope to develop and host a range of resources to enable Northampton patients to manage their conditions or health concerns. GPA is the place to go for your local healthcare needs and information.

Collaborative Care Team | General Practice Alliance

Collaborative Care Team (CCT)

The Collaborative Care Team is not an emergency service and referrals will take an average of 2 weeks for you to receive…

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General Practice Extended Access | General Practice Alliance

GP Extended Access (GPEA)

GPEA provides routine appointments with GP/ANP/Practice Nurse/HCA providing a range of services including consultations…

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General Practice Extended Hours Access | General Practice Alliance

GP Extended Hours Access

Patients registered at certain Practices in Northampton will have additional appointments available to them via…

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NHS Health Checks | General Practice Alliance

NHS Health Checks

GPA has secured a five-year contract to deliver NHS Health Checks through our member practices and delivery of…

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PCN Services | General Practice Alliance

Clinical Pharmacy Service

The Clinical Pharmacy Service is made up of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians working in your GP practice.

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Advanced Paramedic Practitioners | General Practice Alliance

Advanced Paramedic Practitioners

Our PCN Advanced Paramedic Practitioners are linked to specific Primary Care Networks (PCN), and…

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Care Coordinator Service | General Practice Alliance

Care Coordinator Service

Care Coordinators are part of a GP surgery’s multidisciplinary team, working alongside GP’s, social prescribing link workers…

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Social Prescribing Link Worker Service | General Practice Alliance

Social Prescribing Link Worker Service (SPLW)

Social prescribing is a service designed to support people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs with the…

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The Anchor meditation

This very short meditation gives people a very quick technique to ground themselves back in the present moment. It is particularly useful for people experiencing high levels of anxiety or panic.

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The Pivoting exercise

This exercise comes from the work of a very great psychologist, Steve Hayes. This film combines movement and mindfulness to very gently guide people back into the present moment.

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Discover helpful apps to manage health and wellbeing, with expert medical advice right at your fingertips.

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See our video archives to learn more about GPA, or explore guided exercises for good physical and mental health.

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patient facing resources

From medical leaflets to privacy notices and general information, find quality patient facing resources here.

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about us

Take a look at the Mission, Vision and Values of the organisation, which we are proud to have refreshed in 2019 with all of our teams on the ground.

Our Mission | General Practice Alliance

Our Mission

To enhance patient experience within Primary Care, through improved access to services and to reduce Health and Social Care inequalities.

Our Vision | General Practice Alliance

Our Vision

In partnership with our stakeholders: Enable resilience in our communities and people. Enable technologies to improve access, and providing people with the right care.

Our Values | General Practice Alliance

Our Values

Inspire, develop & innovate.

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Headspace | General Practice Alliance
Headspace | General Practice Alliance

Headspace is here for you. To help support you through this time of crisis, we’re offering some meditations you can listen to anytime.